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    Who Am I?

    A question that I have never felt the need to answer up until I started this blog. My grandmother use to say what people think you are should not be important, rather focus on what you think you are and want to be.  One as I am writing this I am still very unsure as to how I will answer it.  I personally do not think that there is just any one answer to a question like this, especially considering that I intend on writing this blog about my perceptions and ideas. So I have decided to give everyone a short back ground, seeing as people will get to know me as they read my posts.

    But a short overview cannot hurt so here goes. I am a young 24 year old gay bloke living in the most beautiful city in one of the most amazing countries, Cape Town, South Africa. I live with my boyfriend of two years and enjoy life. I started this blog for one reason, this being that I have a lot to say and not enough people listening.

    I wouldn’t consider myself to be the average gay portrayed in a Hollywood film. I work in a predominantly macho industry (Loving every second). I am opinionated and have a tendency of rubbing up people the wrong way through my brutal honesty. I am proud of who I am and make no apologies for it. Don’t like me tough luck. This is the spirit I intend on writing this blog in.

    Here is to hoping you all enjoy it.

    Me and HubbyA view from Table MountainTable Mountain